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Freemasons For Dummies: UGLE Restores Recognition of GLNF

Freemasons For Dummies: UGLE Restores Recognition of GLNF: The United Grand Lodge of England on June 11th has restored recognition of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, according to François Koch o...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Freemasons For Dummies: Indians in DC

Freemasons For Dummies: Indians in DCThe Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team is coming to D.C. to confer a Master Mason degree as a part of the Grand Lodge of D.C.'s Universal Brotherhood Celebration on Saturday, June 22, at 1 p.m. at the Valley of Washington Scottish Rite Temple. There is a banquet that evening at 7:30 at Almas Shrine which will feature American Indian foods and the Oklahoma brethren will be doing traditional dancing in tribal regalia as a part of the evening's entertainment.

Everyone is welcome to come to the degrees and the banquet, but reservations are needed ASAP. The auditorium only hods 400. You can get their tickets and further information about the events at

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Freemasons For Dummies: Dan Brown Knows the Door Is Open for Masonic Membe...

Freemasons For Dummies: Dan Brown Knows the Door Is Open for Masonic Membe...Dan Brown was speaking tonight about Freemasonry at the United Grand Lodge of England's Freemason's Hall in London, and revealed that Masons had left the door open for him to join.

From the Independent in the UK:
His best-selling novels illuminate the shadowy organisations that supposedly run the world. But Dan Brown was “honoured” to receive an invitation to join the Freemasons, the arcane fraternity whose tentacles are said to extend into the highest echelons of power. Tonight the Da Vinci Code author made a rare public appearance, discussing his latest Dante-inspired blockbuster, Inferno, in front of 1,500 fans in London. The choice of venue, Freemason’s Hall, the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England, reflects the author’s fascination with the male-dominated medieval society, founded in London, which has long been the centre of conspiracy theories about its supposed global influence.
“I would be honoured to be a Mason,” Brown told the Independent before the event. “You don’t get ‘invited’ by the Masons but they sent a clear message that the door is open if I ever want to join.” Brown’s 2009 novel The Lost Symbol suggested that the government in Washington was secretly run by a coven of Freemasons practising sinister rites. However Brown said: “I’ve nothing but admiration for an organisation that essentially brings people of different religions together, which is what they do." “Rather than saying ‘we need to name God’, they use symbols such that everybody can stand together.” Everybody except women, who are refused entry. “I guess it’s a little oxymoronic,” said Brown. “But there are certainly women’s organisations and I think there’s a place for men to be together alone.”
Brown portrayed Opus Dei as a sinister Catholic cult in the Da Vinci Code. Inferno introduces The Consortium, a secretive organisation pulling strings behind the scenes which the book claims is an amalgamation of real groups. Yet Brown sees the Masons as an entirely benign fraternity.
“Freemasonry is not a religion but it is a venue for spiritual people to come together across the boundaries of their specific religions,” he said. “It levels the playing field.” The author’s only hesitation before undertaking the notorious Masonic initiation ritual is that he would have to take a “vow of secrecy” and would be unable to utilise his masonic insights in future novels.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Freemasons For Dummies: Hardcore Pawn

My Friend and Brother, Christopher Hodapp, who most Freemasons know is the author as "Freemasonry for Dummies" book, and is a hugely sought-out speaker on the circuit, was recently on an episode of "Hardcore Pawn: Chicago".  Below is the link to his post on his website, and the episode that he appeared in. Congrats and Huzzahs, Brother Chris, I guess I'll have to add getting your autograph to my "Bucket List". ;-) 

Freemasons For Dummies: Hardcore Pawn: I was the resident Freemasonry "guy" on a recent episode of Hardcore Pawn: Chicago ("Paranormal Pawn"). Pretty silly but a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon in Chicago. I missed the show during Masonic Week because the hotel's cable lineup didn't include TruTV, but here it is online. That may be the only time I've ever heard of Carl Claudy's books being possessed.