Sunday, November 28, 2010

Masonic Brother from Ohio is denied a Masonic Funeral in West Virginia

From Masonic Crusade:

Masonic Brother denied WV Funeral

Brethren a most tragic event has happened. A brother who resided and passed in West Virginia but a member of an Ohio lodge was denied a Masonic funeral by Randy Martin. It was all done in the name of the edict passed by Greg Riley. The unnamed brother (out of respect for the family) was a well respected and accomplished mason. Irregardless of that fact, even had he been a simple member of the craft he deserved better. We have we sank to a level lower than I expected of Grand Lodge.

I am told the brother's family had a team of brethren travel from Ohio to respect his last wishes, but no West Virginia masons were allowed to participate. This barring of West Virginia participants was apparently done by order of the Grand Master of West Virginia. The Grand Lodge of Ohio would have allowed West Virginia participants, in much the same way that the edict severing relations was not reciprocated by Ohio. West Virginia masons are still quite welcome in Ohio lodges as long as they don't mind risking their membership....

Lastly, lest the fanboys of Grand Lodge point out that there was a masonic funeral held, understand that if there had been some sort of "Masonic Police" the Grand Lodge of West Virginia would not have allowed the funeral to happen here. The simple fact is that they do not have nearly as much control as they imagine. They cannot control anyone (including you) unless you let them. With the recent rulings from Judge Webster, they are starting to have it explained to them....

A Mason

MWB Frank Haas v. The G.L. of West Virgina Going to Court - 12/06/2010


From The West Virginia Masonic Website, “Masonic Crusade”, comes this breaking news that will disperse heartburn if not fear across Mainstream Freemasonry

MWB Frank Haas will be in court on Monday 12/6/10.

The Judge has apparently ruled in a pre-trial hearing the following:

1. The Grand Master did not have the authority to expel a member based on the Laws of Masonry (West Virginia Lawbook).
2. The State of West Virginia has the authority to rule and force a private organization to follow its own rules.
3. The Grand Lodge had filed a motion to NOT allow any discussions regarding race. Their argument was that race was not pertinent to the case. She denied it and my understanding is that she indicated that it ISpertinent to the case.

As the Beehive has pointed out previously, Grand Lodges that have incorporated (and most if not all have), now are no longer purely private organizations but they have entered the civil world and are now subject to civil authority and to the rules of incorporation of their state. They no longer can violate the Civil Rights of their members. They can no longer get away with injustice with impunity. Civil courts will rule upon their practices because they have removed themselves from the exclusive private world into the public sphere. This they did of their own free will and accord and now it is time to pay the piper.

This could have far reaching effects for the high profile cases of Derek Gordon in Arkansas and Mike McCabe in New Jersey and many other Freemasons across the nation who have been treated unjustly by their Grand Lodges.

Stand by. Freemason Information will keep you abreast of this story as it develops further.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Update on the Travels Across the US: Bro. Troy Yocum

There is a Brother (Entered Apprentice) Mason, by the name of Troy Yocum. Bro. Yocum is an Army Veteran of the Iraq War, and a member of Jeffersontown Lodge #774 F&AM, which is located within the Louisville area, in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.
Before he had the opportunity to complete his Masonic Travels, he has a calling of a different travel that he felt need to be addressed first.
Bro. Troy left Louisville in April of this year, to begin his trek and is walking 7000 miles across the country to raise $5,000,000 to help military families. You can visit his website to find out additional information regarding the reason for this daunting task: as well as his Facebook site:
He has completed his travel from Kentucky to the West Coast as projected which was to occur just in time for the recent Veterans Day holiday.
He is now preparing to restart his travels, onward to the East Coast, before finally traveling from there back to Louisville, where his 7,000 mile trek will have been completed.
An aspect of this particular part of his travel will take place in the Phoenix, Arizona area and is called "Barefoot Hike for our Heroes" which is a 1 mile group Barefoot walk to set a NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORD in Downtown Phoenix at the Wesley Bolin Plaza on Dec. 4th, 2010. anyone who wishes to participate can register online OR at the event from 8 to 10 AM for $20. The walk starts at 10 AM.
To register ONLINE for $20, anyone who wants to participate can go to
This is entirely voluntary, and if any of the Brothers in the Phoenix Area would like to show their support by physically showing up and supporting him as a Veteran, as well as a young Mason, I'm sure that it would be also appreciated more than words can ever express.
Bro. Darrell G. Waddell
Webmaster and Member - Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM
Webmaster and Member - Kosair Shrine Temple
Webmaster - Grand York Rite of Kentucky
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