Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Prayer rally organizers target Muslims, Freemasons

From the Michigan Messenger By Ed Brayton | 11.09.11 | 7:32 am

The organizers of Friday’s prayer rally at Ford Field have targeted not only Muslims but also Freemasons, claiming that the group’s practices allow the Biblical false god Baal to control parts of the United States.

Rachel Tabachnick at Talk2Action has been listening to the frequent conference calls that Transformation Michigan, the key local organizing group, has been hosting and reports on a pre-rally planning call from September.

Anita Christopher, a West Michigan apostolic preacher affiliated with the group, and John Benefiel of the International House of Prayer said on the call that they had been going to all 377 Masonic temples in the state to initiate a “divorce” proceeding with Baal, an ancient Semitic god mentioned in the Bible as a false idol. The Detroit prayer rally, he said, would break the spell of Islam over the nation:
I believe this is going to result in the biggest harvest of souls we’ve ever seen. I know because you’ve told me in your state there, in the Dearborn area in particular, that’s probably the biggest stronghold of Islam in our nation. Well, in going to the masonic lodges, I believe that we are earning authority from God. And that’s correct, we do earn authority from God. Just like the parable of the talents and the parable of minas. When you handle what God has given you in the right way, he’ll multiply your authority.
… I believe we’ll earn authority to pull down the spirit of Islam over our nation. And here’s why I say that. When you study it out, you find that freemasonry and Islam are very very tied to the same root.”
Benefiel has published a decree divorcing America from Baal. On this call he implied that while Islam is currently protected by the First Amendment in the U.S. because of the influence of Baal, but that the prayer rally would allow Christians to take over and eliminate such protections:
“Now, I believe that Islam has a legal, spiritual right to be in our nation. I believe that when we worship Baal in the, you might as well say churches of freemasons, because that’s what they are. Freemasonry is a religion and when you have a lot of pastors and lot of deacon boards that are full of freemasons that worship and swear to Baal, then we give a legal right for those that worship Baal to stay in our nation. And I’m talking about Islam in particular.
And when we practice sexual perversion and pornography, which is all under Baal and the Queen of Heaven, we give this legal right. But when we divorce Baal and we declare that we remarry the Lord, we take away the legal right for the Baal worshippers to stay in our land and I’m talking about Islam.

We are not against Moslems – we are for the people. We want them to know the Lord Jesus Christ. And in order to bring down that strongman behind Islam, we have to earn that authority by bringing down that spirit that we’ve allowed in the United States. I believe that God is going to give us the authority to address the spirit behind Islam after we’ve gone to the masonic lodges across our nation. By the way what you’re doing there in Michigan is going on in all the states and we’re coordinating this.”
Benefiel is known for making head-scratching statements, like claiming that the Statue of Liberty is a “demonic idol.”
The conference call also featured Cindy Jacobs, who has previously claimed that God used the earthquake in Japan earlier this year to break the “grip of idolatry” over that nation. She has also said that God killed off thousands of birds in Arkansas because the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in the military was repealed.
Here is audio of that conference call, which also features Benefiel saying that he was allowed to go into the chambers of the Michigan Senate by two unnamed Senators so they could “decree the Baal divorce decree” which “puts the enemy on the run.”

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