Wednesday, December 28, 2011

G. L. of Arkansas Breaks Ties with Shriners International

G.L. of AK Declares all Shrines as Clandestine and References Removed

As I and many other Masonic Bloggers reported to you recently, the Grand Lodge of Michigan has severed ties with all Shrines and Shriners International. In the wake of this most disturbing news, it appears that an almost identical situation has occurred in Arkansas, which has led to a complete severing of ties with Shrines and Shriners International.

While the players have changed, the issues are almost identical; Sitting Potentates that has been expelled from Masonry for Un-Masonic Conduct by their respective Grand Lodges, and the refusal of Shriners International to follow suit since and take likewise action against these two men.

Not only has the Grand Lodge of Arkansas (whose website has been down for almost two years) severed ties, they have also taken an additional step to specify something that the Grand Lodge of Michigan did not, which is that all references to Shriners be removed. 

Basically, this means that no Mason can wear anything Shrine related to any Masonic function, attend Shrine events and that any Shrine items that were once proudly displayed, including murals and other artistic items, be covered and/or removed from Masonic Buildings and Blue Lodges.

In both cases, there has been a serious lack of EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION on the highest of levels, by both the respective Grand Lodges and Shriners International. If it wasn't for Freemasonry, there would not be Shriners, and if it wasn't for Shriners, the positiveness they express in their philanthropic giving that casts one of the brightest lights on Freemasonry as well would not exist, and Freemasonry as a whole would suffer from such a loss.

If there ever was a time that Masons and their appendant bodies should all be on the same page, it is the times and days in which we live. We have enough petty divisions as it is, and these greater divisions should be handled in a professional and timely manner so that everyone is satisfied with the outcome. Have we really and truly strayed away so far from our obligations as men and Masons, that we can no longer see the forest for the trees?

Below is the edict from the Grand Master of Masons in Arkansas, M.·. W.·. Myles A. Oliver, dated December 08, 2011.




  1. Has everyone lost their minds? The situation in Michigan is now underway in Arkansas. Like Yogi Berra said "It is Deja Vu, all over again". I am a Mason, and a (demitted) Shriner. (I work overseas).

    The Imperial Council of the Shrine must get with the Grand Lodges, and get underway to solve this situation.

    Are we not all brothers?

  2. From what is going on ,and I live up here in Mi. It seams as if Shriners International is trying to throw its weight around.

  3. This is in fact the sign of the times, Here in MO, there are several Shrine Bodies that fail to suspend their members when the Blue Lodges do. The reason is the Mason feels they should only pay one body and that one is the one they participate in, this is why the Shrine has fairly good numbers at their functions and blue lodges fail to open and have >200 members. I plan on suspending >75 members this year and expect the Shrine in Kansas City to follow suit.. I know from past experience they will not. This is not brotherhood this is playing Bully. Go ahead.