Monday, December 5, 2011

An Ugly Meeting Saturday in France (GLNF)

An Ugly Meeting Saturday in France (GLNF)
A report from Paris via François Koch's blog, La Lumiere, on the L'Express magazine website:

Annual Meeting of the GLNF. Brothers Shout "Resign" at the Grand Master

December 3, 2011
by Francois Koch

The brothers shouted "Resign!" and "Thug!" at the address of the Grand Master François Stifani at the Annual Meeting of the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF). It was this afternoon, in Levallois-Perret. Due to demonstration by opponents of Francois Stifani outside the main entrance, the few foreign delegations [in attendance] came into the room through another door.

Only 1200 delegates attended the meeting in an room set up for 3000. According to the accounts I have received, about two-thirds of the participants shouted "Resign!" and "Thug!" to the Grand Master. So, Francois Stifani was hardly able to speak, in this meeting, which lasted two and a half hours. The witnesses refer to a "climate of insurrection." It was like the Annual Communication of March 2010. Except that this was a ritual meeting, where order is supposed to reign. The reports were jeered. And it did not proceed to any vote.


It was nothing like the atmosphere of the meeting yesterday (December 2) of the Sovereign Grand Committee, whose members are appointed by the Grand Master. In the Grand Temple de Pisan, François Stifani received a standing ovation. He gave a speech saying the GLNF was located in another dimension than the secular world, "JUSTICE CAN NOT SET IN our case. Contrary to what has been said for too many months, French Freemasonry is not and can not be restricted to being a simple association like thousands of others, including operating procedures which must be modified according to circumstances and interests of one or the other. "

Someone has posted a video of the meeting here.

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