Saturday, March 23, 2013

Freemasons For Dummies: Hardcore Pawn

My Friend and Brother, Christopher Hodapp, who most Freemasons know is the author as "Freemasonry for Dummies" book, and is a hugely sought-out speaker on the circuit, was recently on an episode of "Hardcore Pawn: Chicago".  Below is the link to his post on his website, and the episode that he appeared in. Congrats and Huzzahs, Brother Chris, I guess I'll have to add getting your autograph to my "Bucket List". ;-) 

Freemasons For Dummies: Hardcore Pawn: I was the resident Freemasonry "guy" on a recent episode of Hardcore Pawn: Chicago ("Paranormal Pawn"). Pretty silly but a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon in Chicago. I missed the show during Masonic Week because the hotel's cable lineup didn't include TruTV, but here it is online. That may be the only time I've ever heard of Carl Claudy's books being possessed.

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